Why does your business need HSE Consultancy?

Maintaining your employees’ health at their work environment fortifies your business in various aspects like reducing elevated health risks, improving productivity, decreasing absenteeism and sustaining high employee morale. It’s essential for business sustainability before being a compulsory law to abide by governments or labor organizations.

Every business is responsible for the safety of its employees and workers, as stated by every country’s laws. Moreover, having a safe work environment is an aspect that every company can’t survive without. A safe work environment helps your business grow and allows your employees know that you care about them which ultimately builds their loyalty to your business. A great safety consultant can spot where improvements need to be made at your company to avoid violations and enable a risk-free workplace.

Different businesses need different environmental solutions to become environment-friendly, depending on their field of industry. An environmental consultant ensures the compliance of your company to environmental laws and protects the surrounding work environment from potential risks through the implementation of the best environmental practices. Furthermore, being an environment-friendly business or brand maintains a socially responsible image to the public and prospect clients of your business.

Management systems consultants help your company implements research-based and proven methodologies to build and maintain a sustainably successful business. Your consultant should be able to provide organizational assessment, strategic planning, organizational structure design and management, performance management system design and implementation, corporate culture management and other services tailored for each industry.

HSE Requirements

Health and Safety are subjects of most global requirements, but failure to comply with them puts companies and business owners in non-compliance liability. The implementation of HSE requirements in any workplace is a must-do step to be included in the business strategic plans.


Considering the business, the requirements have become very keen on implementing the health, safety and environmental requirements in all types of workplaces.

Workplace Requirements

Understanding the promoted values in the Laws is the first step in learning how essential and beneficial applying such regulations at your workplace.

HSE Requirements

Prevent Physical Hazards

The establishment and its branches shall be committed to providing occupational safety and health means and securing the work environment in the workplace in order to prevent physical hazards.

  • Thermal stress and cold.
  • Noise and vibrations.
  • Lighting.
  • Harmful and dangerous radiation.
  • Atmospheric pressure changes.
  • Static and dynamic electricity.
  • Explosion Hazards.

Prevent Mechanical Hazards

The establishment and its branches shall take all necessary precautions and measures to protect the occupational safety and health and to ensure the work environment to prevent mechanical hazards arising from the collision between the worker’s body and a solid object.

law 2

Protect From Infection

The establishment and its branches shall take the necessary measures to protect workers from the risk of infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and biological hazards, whenever the nature of the work exposes workers to the conditions of infection.

law 3

Prevent Chemical Risks

The establishment and its branches shall provide the means to prevent chemical risks resulting from dealing with solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals.

How Radi Son Helps Your Company

Well-suited System
Radi Son

At Radi Son, our main goal is providing a well-suited system for organizations to successfully finish projects in a cost-effective and efficient way with the top priority for the safety and health of individuals, especially in the construction field.

flexible management systems
Radi Son

We excel at designing flexible management systems to ensure the best possible outcomes in various projects and business line requirements. Our qualified team will design management systems that are customized to fit your business’s nature and employees’ behavior.

Customized Management Systems
Radi Son

Radi Son’s professional team researches, analyzes and enhances your business through our Environmental, Health and Safety Customized Management Systems.

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